Firejail Release Notes

Version 0.9.12, Monday, September 15 2014

  • Added Linux capabilities support
  • Added support for CentOS 7
  • Bugfixes

Version 0.9.10, Thursday, August 28 2014

  • Disable /proc/kcore, /proc/kallsyms, /dev/port, /boot
  • Fixed –top option CPU utilization calculation
  • Implemented –tree option in firejail and firemon
  • Implemented –join=name option
  • Implemented –shutdown option
  • Preserve the current working directory if possible
  • Cppcheck and clang errors cleanup
  • Added a Chromium web browser profile

Version, Friday, July 25 2014

  • Fixed a number of problems introduced in release 0.9.8.

Version 0.9.8, Thursday, July 24 2014

  • Implemented nowrap mode for firejail –list command option
  • Added –top option in both firejail and firemon
  • Seccomp filter support
  • Added PID filtering support for firemon
  • Lots of bugfixes

Version 0.9.6, Saturday, June 7 2014

  • Mounting tmpfs on top of /var/log, required by several server programs
  • Server fixes for /var/lib and /var/cache
  • Private mode fixes
  • csh and zsh default shell support
  • Chroot mode fixes
  • Added support for lighttpd, isc-dhcp-server, apache2, nginx, snmpd

Version 0.9.4, Sunday, May 4 2014

  • Fixed resolv.conf on Ubuntu systems using DHCP.
  • Fixed resolv.conf on Debian systems using resolvconf package.
  • Fixed /var/lock directory.
  • Fixed /var/tmp directory.
  • Fixed symbolic links in profile files.
  • Added profiles for evince, midori.

Version 0.9.2, Friday, April 24 2014

  • Checking IP address passed with –ip option using ARP; exit if the address is already present.
  • Using a lock file during ARP address assignment in order to removed a race condition.
  • everal fixes to –private option; it also mounts a tmpfs filesystem on top of /tmp.
  • Added user access check for profile file.
  • Added –defaultgw option.
  • Added support of –noip option; it is necessary for DHCP setups.
  • Added syslog support.
  • Added support for “tmpfs” and “read-only” profile commands.
  • Added an expect-based testing framework for the project.
  • Added bash completion support.
  • Added support for multiple networks.

Version 0.9, Saturday, April 12 2014

  • First beta version.

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