Daily Archives: April 13, 2013

Network and Filesystem Isolation with LXC and virtenv

For my memory comparison of light Linux desktops I needed a tool that would allow me to install on my computer about 20 window managers/desktop environments. After looking at several common virtualization packages, I ended up using Linux containers and virtenv for the job.

LXC and virtenv

Probably the best way to describe virtenv is as a graphic interface for Linux containers utilities developed and distributed by LXC project. Linux containers is the virtualization technology build into Linux kernel, available in any kernel after 2.6.32.

The virtual machines (VM) are driven without any overhead by the kernel already running on the computer. You don’t need to run a different kernel in the virtual machine, run only the processes you need, without even going trough the regular SysV or Linux init. This all means that memory is used very conservatively. For example, on a 1GB RAM computer you can run easily 10 SSH/DHCP servers, or 10 different xorg/X11 servers with LXDE window managers on top.

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