SimpleTelnet Project

SimpleTelnet is a small telnet client suitable for embedded systems. Implemented in C, it works on any POSIX platform. The project is released under GPL version 2 license.


October 2013, version 0.9 released


Download and unpack the source archive:

$ tar -xjvf simpletelnet-0.9.tar.bz2
$ cd simpletelnet-0.9

Build and install the project

$ ./configure && make && sudo make install


$ stelnet ip-address

Blog posts

Support and bug reporting

Please visit our SourceForge project page, or use the comments section on this page.


1 thought on “SimpleTelnet Project

  1. Mathew


    How does one modify this code using the socket to write all the activities to a text file (raw capture) like logging to a file?
    I am trying to modify this code to read a text file (input file) where you get list of commands, one command in each line and the use a another file (output file).

    Any tips are helpful to me.
    I am good at writing C but not good at socket programming.



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