SimpleTelnet Project

SimpleTelnet is a small telnet client suitable for embedded systems. Implemented in C, it works on any POSIX platform. The project is released under GPL version 2 license.


October 2013, version 0.9 released


Download and unpack the source archive:

$ tar -xjvf simpletelnet-0.9.tar.bz2
$ cd simpletelnet-0.9

Build and install the project

$ ./configure && make && sudo make install


$ stelnet ip-address

Blog posts

Support and bug reporting

Please visit our SourceForge project page, or use the comments section on this page.


One thought on “SimpleTelnet Project

  1. Mathew


    How does one modify this code using the socket to write all the activities to a text file (raw capture) like logging to a file?
    I am trying to modify this code to read a text file (input file) where you get list of commands, one command in each line and the use a another file (output file).

    Any tips are helpful to me.
    I am good at writing C but not good at socket programming.



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