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Easy LXC: Running OpenVZ containers in LXC

ezlxc (Easy LXC) is a small Bash script for running virtual machines (VM) using Linux Containers (LXC). The VM containers are based on the templates provided by OpenVZ project.

In an LXC environment, a single Linux kernel is shared between the host and the virtual machines. Only the essential needed services are run in VMs. The VM is basically a chroot-based environment with the added network/process separation provided by LXC virtualization. Memory requirements for this type of setup is very low – my old dual-core AMD computer with 1GB of RAM memory runs easily 10 VMs.

ezlxc is based on ssh-template script developed and distributed with LXC. I have tested it on a Fedora 17 x86_64 computer and it will probably work without modifications on any recent Linux distribution. Copy the script below in a text editor and save it as ezlxc. Make the file executable (chmod +x ezlxc) and copy it in /usr/local/bin/directory. The copying is performed as root, in fact all the operations below can only be performed as root.

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