How to Package and Publish an Open Source Project

Publishing the project

After all this, I ended up with a UNIX source package to be published, simpletelnet-0.9.tar.bz2. Two places come to mind, SourceForge and GitHub. A larger list you can find here.

Picking any one of them is basically a personal preference. I choose to go with SourceForge for this project. I open an account and go into Projects section and register the new project:

SourceForge project registration

SourceForge project registration

Adding the project description:

Project description

Project description

Uploading the source archive and verifying MD5 hash:

Uploading the source archive

Uploading the source archive

After all this work, the project is live here. The code archive is mirrored on quite a number of SourceForge servers spread all over the internet. It is time to build a web page.

Web page

When you register the project, SourceForge creates a default web page for it. It is a boilerplate web page, and it is ugly. You can do much better by building your own.

I’ve put the page on my blog here, a simple description of the project with links to download area. On SourceForge server I push a redirect page with the following content:

$ cat index.html
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=">


Where do I go from here? The friendly people from seam to think I need a “community”. I respectfully disagree. Once the original itch was scratched, there isn’t too much left to “communicate”. Just a source code archive and a web page.

Open source software is any computer software whose source code is made freely available. Most often, these projects are started by private individuals in their free time. There are no obligations to met, no meetings to attend, no phone calls to return. In this world you don’t have to be a professional, a colleague, or a son. Have some fun, the journey is more important than the destination!

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